There are an increasing number of books available. They are useful for practicing exam-style questions and revising topics, but will need to be supplemented with a reference/ textbook to cover all the topics examined.

Some of the books available are listed below, with reviews where available. (MCQ books have been removed due to the recent changes to exam structure).

Getting a little dated and as with all these books, there are no exact question matches, but can be useful for particularly the data questions.
The viva book that everyone has and with good reason. A lot of questions with good detail. Some frustrating mistakes and plenty of topics in the FFICM question bank that are not covered. Some people have passed the Viva just using this book. I think they must have been lucky with the questions!
Has bullet point answers rather than full descriptions, but has some topics not covered in Flavin, Morkane and Marsh.
The oldest of the OSCE books and is beginning to be a bit dated. Always good for practice, but as with the other books not quite similar enough to the actual exam.
The most up to date OSCE book. No questions straight from the exam. Some really obscure questions, but not the same obscurity as the real exam.
An older book, less relevent in places, but if you are running low on questions…


Editted by our own Sara-Cartrin Cook, a well regarded, accessible book, very relevent to the exam.
Excellent for reference.
Probably the best resource for the majority of the equipment that might be examined.
Expensive, but does have some questions and you may have it from FRCA or be able to borrow it from someone who does.
What is says on the tin.
A slightly more detailed ECG book that aids understanding as well as just pattern recognition.