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FICM Learning
e-LFH (note e-learning on economics of ICU which is the only basis I’ve found for a viva question on this topic. Especially useful as some of the assessment questionnaires are not used in Wales)
Midnight Law – FICM site with quick bite-sized overviews of potential legal issues in ICU, including DOLS, child protection and best interests.

ICS Resources

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Other Resources
Life in the fast lane – Excellent Australian free online resource primarily focused at the Australian exams, with topic summaries, ECG library, cases and X rays.

The Bottom Line – Excellent and well known self-described compendium of all landmark studies involving critically ill patients. Includes the patented and invaluable ‘bottom line’ that provides a couple of sentence takeaway on each trial.

Critical care reviews – Website and conference focused on new research in critical care.

Internet Book of Critical Care – Josh Farkas from Pulmcrit is putting together an online and constantly updated online textbook. Plenty of detail of physiology and evidence (and admission where there is none). Can be a bit American and odd to British ears in places and almost entirely one person’s take, but generally excellent and always thought through and challenging. Links in with a podcast on each topic.

ICU One Pagers – One (densely covered) page on an array of different ICU topics from Nick Mark.

Crit IQ – An Australian subscription site. Aimed at Australian exams. Expensive, but apparently good resource. 20% off if you are a member of ICS.

The SAVEd project – ‘Self-isolAting Virtual Education project – started by isolating trainees. Has virtual tutorials on a wide range of subjects and covers ICM as well as anaesthetics.

Deranged Physiology – Another good free Australian website aimed at supporting candidates through the Australian ICM exam. A lot of questions and explanation, much of which is relevant.

PulmCCM – American website aiming to provide an easy way of keeping up to date with critical care and respiratory medicine. Regular posts on physiology, new research and other relevant topics.

EMCrit – Scott Weingart’s Emergency Medicine and Critical Care blog and podcast. An acquired taste, but plenty of relevant material, confidently expressed.

Neuro ICU Guru – A neuro ICU resource run from Salford Royal Hospital. Includes protocols and some core topics.

Radiopedia – Enormous database of images, often used by radiologists for their exams. Subscription soon going to be offered to Wales ICM trainees, but you can access the images without paying.

Core Ultrasound – American website with lots of short ultrasound videos. In amongst the blocks is plenty of ICM relevant information.


To keep you productive on your commute or run. There is no escape from FFICM revision!

Internet Book of Critical Care Podcast – Josh Farkas and Adam Thomas give a summary of each topic from the Internet Book of Critical Care (see websites above).

Intensive Care Society – A variety of podcasts, including SOA meeting talks. Among them are some gems, including rare diagnoses (HLH, reno-pulmonary syndromes, unusual disorders of consciousness) and Skin, Eyes (saw me through a viva on eyes on ICU) and joints.

FICM Learning – Not too much explicitly exam related at time of writing, but an evolving resource.

Intensive Care Network – The Sydney based ICN includes a good chunk of SMACC and other talks.

Tasty Morsels of Critical Care – Short (mostly under 5 minutes) snippets from a UK trainee. Has rapidly expanded to over 50 topics.

The Resus Room – Covers ‘papers of the month’ and other current topics. If you download the app, you can answer 4 simple questions based on the podcast after listening to it, which will then generate a certificate for your portfolio!

Core IM – Medical podcasts, but with many crossing over to relevant ICM topics, especially for all you anaesthetists and EM docs out there.