Research Matters

Research Messages of the Day

The Cardiff Critical Care Academic Department delivers world-leading research that benefits the sickest patients in hospital. We have published over one hundred original research papers in some of the world’s leading medical journals.

Alongside our clinical work, we have a sustained record in organising and delivering public and professional outputs to showcase the importance of critical illness. This has included publication of books aimed at the general public around the world, and multiple media appearances including BBC documentaries focused on cardiac arrest, organ donation and sepsis.

Why is research important?

It has been shown that patients in clinical trials have a higher survival rate that those not in trials, even if they are in the control arm. Units that do research have better outcomes than those that do not. Hospitals that do research have better outcomes that those that do not. Fostering research fosters good relationships between specialities, and leads to better staff satisfaction with better recruitment and retainment rates. If research were a pill, the number needed to treat may be lower than many other medical interventions we deliver to patients every day

Who is the team?

Phone number to call if you think a patient is appropriate for a trial 029 21 843608

How will research be taught?

We have a teaching slot every third Wednesday morning at 0830. It will be a combination of in-person and online teaching.

What will be covered?

There are three main aspects of the program.

– A monthly update of our current research trials by the research team.

– Discussion of journal articles with important messages for critical care and beyond.

– Discussion of other aspects including emergency consent, writing research articles and presentation skills by the wider team.

Where can I learn more?

Here are some great courses and ideas that you can do online and in person:

Do the GCP online course

Do the HCRW online course

Attend a Research Ethics Meeting by emailing them at

Attend the UK CCRF in person or online

Current Ongoing Trials: