FFICM Courses

The Welsh OSCE/SOE Course

Free for Welsh trainees. A complete mock OSCE and Viva, with teaching on radiology, medical law and ECGs. Various familiar faces make an appearance as examiners. Day long course with some opportunities for online one to one sessions.
For details email: thewelshcourse@gmail.com

The FFICM Preparation Course

Run by and booked through FICM. Previously a two day course in Leeds, it is currently available online in a tiered system:
Tier one – Various lectures including radiology, ECGs and medical ethics.
Tier two – tier one plus videos of approximately 20 example osce and viva questions with model answers.
Tier three – tier two plus a live online osce and viva.
Importantly, despite being an official FICM course, they do not have any examiners on their facility, they write their own questions and do not use actual exam questions.
FFICM Exam Preparatory Course

Wessex ICM Society (PINCER course):

Well regarded day long course run in Portsmouth. Detailed and well run. Answering of emails can be sporadic, so persistance is essential to secure a place. Currently £30 online, Previously £75 for in person.


Stoke on Trent

A morning of SOE practice and the afternoon of OSCE practice. Currently online. £120.

Stoke Final FFICM

Manchester FFICM Prep Course

Currently only for local trainees. Previously an open one day course based at North Manchester Hospital. Lectures and a full OSCE and SOE.
Email: Dr James Hanison (james.hanison@mft.nhs.uk)

Oxford FFICM exam course

Currently online and for local Oxford trainees only, but previously a day long course. £100. OSCE and SOE practice.